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Yuan cafe was first found in 2009. Despite the changed in ownership, the word "Yuan" was preserve as the new owners, Eddy and Florence saw the beauty of this name. "Yuan" is a chinese word that meant round or circular. However, they saw "Yuan" as a word "Tuan Yuan". "Tuan Yuan" means reunion. It signifies Eddy's and Florence's love for a strong and loving family. During a reunion, a family gets together and formed an unbreakable bond of family love. They want to share this feeling with the customers through things they love, which is coffee and toasts. Not only they want to treat customers like valued family members, they want customers to feel that Yuan Cafe is a place where they can bond with their fellow friends, colleagues and families.

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Through serving traditional coffee, tea and toast, we want to bring back the memorable taste and fragrant of coffee, tea and toast in the olden days, reuniting them with the present. Aside from coffee, tea and toasts, we also offered authentic local delicacies as it symbolises our hometown Singapore, the place where we belong. Although we started with just small shop, we are ambitious about the future. We strive to seek improvements with an open-minded attitude and become a renown local traditional Cafe. Our objective is to serve customers with friendly and professional standard services and offer delicious local delicacies with a traditional and authentic taste.

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What's New!

Sales of New Year Goodies had ended.

The Sales of New Year Goodies had ended. Hope you like them :) Worry not, we will be selling New Year Goodies next year! Do come back for more!
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Date added: 29/01/2012


Chinese New Year is around the corner, gear yourself up with our delicious homemade goodies! We have a wide variety of goodies, click on "Read more" to view the list of new year goodies. Do come down to Yuan Cafe and try some yourself.
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Date added: 08/01/2012

Homemade Barley & Lemon Barley

Refesh yourself in a warm afternoon with our 100% HOMEMADE barley. Add a little twist to your Barley with a twist of lemon! Try it today!
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Date added: Nov 2011